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MBYLL Weymouth Boy’s Lacrosse Team Rules:
This is an addendum to the MBYLL rules and philosophy posted on the Weymouth Youth Lacrosse website. The goal of MBYLL is to teach basic lacrosse skills, rules, team play, and sportsmanship to boys at various levels of skill in a positive environment.
1.  Each player is expected to attend practices and games. Call or email your coaches if you cannot attend a game or practice. Playing time in games will be reduced for those who do not attend practice. 
2.  Be on time. Each player is expected to be dressed and ready to go at the time practice is scheduled to begin. There will be additional conditioning to make up for missed practice time. Your coach will inform you of what time you are expected to be ready before each game – usually at least one half hour.
3.  Profanity is not allowed in the MBYLL. It is not conducive to a positive environment of sportsmanship and will not be tolerated at practice or on the game field.
4.  Game misconduct penalties are for actions toward the referees, other teams, fans, or on-field actions that are inappropriate and unsportsmanlike in nature. Any player receiving game misconduct penalties will be disciplined with extra conditioning and possible suspensions at the discretion of the coaches.
5. Boy’s lacrosse holds a no tolerance policy for fighting. If you are guilty of fighting at anytime you will be suspended from the team for a minimum of one game and/or as long as the team feels necessary regarding the situation that the fight was conducted in.
7. The coaches reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any player for conduct not in the best interest of the team and the team goals.
8. All equipment that is property of the league/town must be returned at the required time. Players will be responsible for any lost or damaged league/town equipment.  
***Each player is required to have his own mouth guard. Players will not be allowed to practice or play without a properly fitting mouth guard.
9. If you are hurt, it is your duty to report the injury to the coaches and your parents. If you are injured and cannot play/practice, you must be at practice helping the team and learning your position and role.
My son or daughter and I have the read the above rules and the philosophy statement on the Weymouth Youth Lacrosse website. We agree to support the coach’s decisions if any of the rules are violated. We understand the rules are in the best interest of all the team members.